Stéphane Couturier, Barcelone, Parallel no 1, 2008.

Last rooftop cinema for the summer. Goodnight 🌴 (at Rooftop Cinema At The Queen Of Hoxton)


LomoGuru of the Week: micky_s

For him, film photography should be enjoyed in the same manner one savors a fancy chocolate bar. Let’s all welcome Poland-based visual artist Charlie Dance, or micky_s in the Community, our LomoGuru of the Week! http://bit.ly/1lDViWM



OS GEMEOS  (aka) Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo



Canada, 2014

"OSGEMEOS participate in the Vancouver Biennale, which takes place between 2014 and 2016, with a 360 ° wall, 20 feet high and over 2,000 m². Created in six gigantic vats, the work is next to the famous Public Market, Emily Carr University and False Creek, a small creek that separates downtown from the rest of the city, in the Granville Island. The proposal of the Biennale has a strong connection with sculptures, so the artists chose a space in which the painting could become, creating a dialogue between two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds, and bring the characters to Vancouver in order to share perspectives and cultures and establish a connection with the people who frequent the area, integrating the work setting. With the new wall, OSGEMEOS in the group of international artists participating in the Biennale Vancouver, as Ai Weiwei, Andy Goldsworthy, Vik Muniz and Jonathan Borofsky."


Elizabeth Weinberg


T B T - Years ago before uni, way before new friends. I used to spend hrs in a studio after school producing music whiles talking shît with my homies at the same time. Here’s an (unmixed) idea I ended up scrapping. Best times! One Life

My Boss and the RMD / colleagues from the New York office gave me this for flexing a big project within a tight deadline. 

If my ear(s) was a dick; I would agree that it just got laid (Bose on full volume) 

- “We joke but we don’t joke”


Hawaii lava flow

Residents in a rural, isolated region of Hawaii’s Big Island still reeling from a recent tropical storm turned their attention to a potential new disaster Thursday as scientists warned that a lava flow from a nearby volcano had moved to within a mile of some homes.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said lava from the Kilauea volcano could reach the Kaohe Homesteads in five to seven days if it continues its steady advance through cracks in the earth.

The sparsely populated subdivision is part of the Puna region, where Tropical Storm Iselle made landfall about a month ago, toppling trees onto homes and wiping out electricity. (AP)

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THE SAND STORM (沙尘暴) [short film] by Jason Wishnow

Communications lines dissolve and a water smuggler navigates a tumultuous, dystopian city on the brink of calamity in this lyrical “low-fi sci-fi” short, the implied set-up to an even bigger story.

AI WEIWEI (艾未未) - HU JIANING (胡珈宁) - LI NING (李宁) - BAI YAO (白瑶)

41st Telluride Film Festival World Premiere.

…visit wishnow.com for more…


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